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Producer: Daenerys in Westeros makes @GameOfThrones “a whole new show’ … impacts ‘every storyline

Game of Thrones Season 7, what will happen?

After the impressive end of the last season of Game of Thrones, fans of this series around the world are waiting for news of the season 7 Game of Thrones, there are news of the seventh season of Game of Thrones, few but enough to calm the spirits.

Notice: This article contains spoilers of the sixth season.

When will Game of Thrones season 7 premieres?

The exact date of the release of GoT’s new season is not yet known, but the premiere of the seventh season is confirmed for early April 2017.

How many episodes will Season 7 of Game of Thrones have?

For now there is no confirmation on the part of HBO, but everything indicates that the seventh season of GoT will be shorter than usual and will only have 7 chapters, but this is not all, rumors suggest that the eighth season of game Thrones will have only 6 chapters, so in total there are 13 chapters of this beloved series.

Confirmed: The directors of the seventh season of GoT

One of the things we know about this 7th season is who will direct the chapters:

.Alan Taylor, who directed “Thor: The Dark World; Terminator: Genesis”.
.Jeremy Podeswa, who directed “Boardwalk Empire”.
.Marrk Mylod, who directed “Shameless”.
.Matt Shakman, who directed “Mad Men”.

Which actors will continue in the series this season?

We do not know who is going to die but for now Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau have a contract in force with HBO so it is very possible that these actors will represent their characters in season 7 of GoT.

What can happen in the seventh season of Game of Thrones?
Does Jaime Lannister kill his beloved Cercei?

It is one of the most widespread and controversial rumors of this GoT season, Jaime Lannister killing his sister as revenge for the death of his son.

What is the little finger’s plan now that it’s in the North?

Little Finger wants the Iron Throne but for that he needs the support of the King of the North and Sansa Stark, how will he succeed?

Will the great wall finally collapse?

After the departure of Daenerys towards the West this is another of the great scenes that all thrones game fans want to see, the great fall of ice.

What will be the next goal of our dear Arya?

Little Arya begins to kill all on her list, but only 4 names are alive:

.Gregor Clegane, he is now a deadly protector of Cersei.
.Ser Ilyn Payne, for beheading his father, Ned Stark.
.Dunsen, for stealing the bastard Gendry’s helmet.

Will the war against white walkers begin?

We really want to see the Dragons fight the White Walkers, it will happen in the seventh season or we’ll have to wait for the eighth.

What do you think will happen in season seven of Game of Thrones that opens in April 2017?

Game of Thrones season 7 release date, spoilers and everything you need to know

Watch Game of Thrones season 7 Online

One of the most popular shows on HBO is but of course The Game of Thrones. Even after the 6th season the popularity of the show is only increasing and fans just cannot wait to know more about the 7th season of this fantasy drama series. If you too are a diehard fan of this series, then here is sneak peak about the next season.

Any news on the premier date?

Yes, there is a buzz about the release date. The seventh season of the well-liked HBO series is expected to premier in mid 2017. The show is going to be delayed as compared to the other seasons because the production of the series started late. The series is expected to be a mix of the original content and will also feature material from upcoming sixth and seventh novels The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. All seasons have had 10 episodes, but this season will have only 7 episodes.

Any footage available about the 7th season?

Well, we can understand your excitement, but so far no official footage has been released by the channel about the new season. Though there are a few pictures which have leaked from the sets. These pictures show the popular characters of the show Dany and Jon. So we can expect that the current storyline will continue, but for the footage, fans will have to just have a little more patience.

So will the fun series continue for a long time?

The 7th season has already been announced and the contract of the star cast has also been renewed. So yes, Game of thrones will continue to entertain the audiences in 2017. According to the statements released by the channel and the production team of the show one can expect the 8th series as well. After that, the show might wind up. But yes at least next year is not going to be boring as the 7th season is definitely round the corner.

6th season indicates that the show might soon go off the air:

According to the storyline of the 6th season it looks like the end is nearby. There is already lots of clarity on Jon Snow’s parentage. High Sparrow, Margaery Tyrell, Loras Tyrell, Mace Tyrell are no more and Jaime Lannister returned, only to find his beloved and sister take the Iron throne. The sand snakes are plotting. “The winds of winter” was an absolutely fantastic episode. The 6th season has made it clear that the next season is going to eventful and superb and filled with lots of excitement.
The filming of the next season has begun in August 2016 and the teaser was out way back in April 2016. So all those fans out there get ready for an absolutely fun summer! There is going to be a slight delay in the release but the wait will definitely be worth it. Gear up for this favourite HBO series which will surely leave you asking for more fun and more drama. This will surely be a memorable season.

Game of Thrones Season 7.. Are you kidding me

Game of Thrones Season 7

According to the writers, the finale of series six has set the board for the ‘end game’, meaning that they only need 13-15 hours more to finish the story without unnecessarily “padding it out to add an extra 10 hours.” Yes you heard us right… Only few hours remaining of our beloved Game of thrones.. Don’t cry L

“From pretty close to the beginning, we talked about doing this in 70-75 hours,” continues Benioff, “and that’s what we’ll end up with. Call it 73 for now.

Winter is coming a lot sooner than any of us may be ready for. But we hope that this is going to be a epic for this decade. Stay tuned and we will bring more news which will make you feel like aaaawwwww.

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Game of Thrones Season 6: The Mystery of Jon Snow

Game of Thrones Season 6: The Mystery of Jon Snow –Book Killer or Great Way to Create Buzz

As we draw ever closer to the April 24th premiere of Game of Thrones Season 6, one thing is becoming clear. HBO is creating a mystery over the characters that we should expect to see in the new season. Fortunately, this seems to be working for them perfectly in building hype for the fantasy drama. The dialogue is breeding anticipation and fueling suspicions among enthusiasts of the new series. In particular, there is much buzz on whether Jon Snow features, as well as whether other characters whose fate is shrouded in mystery from the finale of the last season will return. This is an ingenious marketing strategy, and it looks like it’s really going well for HBO. On the other hand, some people feel that the stunt is a book killer. What’s your take? Read mine!!

Game Of Thrones Season 6 online
Game Of Thrones Season 6 online

The Teaser Poster

On Wednesday HBO revealed a poster on Twitter for the hotly anticipated season 6 of “Game of Thrones”. The stunt is simply viewed as a clever ploy to build hype for the upcoming season without revealing its biggest secret: Whether Jon Snow is dead.  The poster reveals the face of Snow with scars on his face and his eyes closed. It appears like his face is in the House of Black and White’s Hall of Faces, a place in the “Game of Thrones” world where the faces of the departed are kept. That is a great way to create mystery around the program, especially given that Jon Snow was apparently stabbed to death in last season’s finale.

The twitter account for the drama also released other portraits of characters on Wednesday, including dead ones like Oberyn Martell and living ones like Daenerys Targaryen, or Dany as she is sometimes called by her brother Viserys. The move further fans speculation and creates mystery that ignites discussion and debate among fans and critiques. That is a great thing for creating more buzz around the new season of Game of Thrones. The theories and debates surrounding Snows death continue to stoke speculation among fans and websites that he will feature in season 6, while the producers of the show insist that he is actually dead.


Jon Snow
Jon Snow

Book Killer 

On the flip side, others are suggesting that such the stunt is a plot spoiler. The harshest critiques even argue that the entire Season 6 is the perfect book killer. In fact, Game of Thrones Season 6 has already surpassed the books. While the HBO stunt offers viewers a first look at what they should expect from the new season of the show, there are those who feel that the new season should never even have been released in the first place, especially since the show is based on the book series. Some industry insiders who are close to the author, George RR Martin, have opened up that the writer is not even close to finishing writing his next release. However, the author has agreed to move with the new Game of Thrones twist.

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