Game Of Thrones Book Series

Game Of Thrones

Game of thrones is a part of legendary book saga series i.e. ‘The song of ice and fire.’ The author of the book is George R. R. Martin and it was first published in the year 1996 by ‘Bantam Spectra’ (US) and ‘Voyager Books’ (UK). The genre of book is epic fantasy and it has won a ‘Locus Award’ for Best Fantasy Novel in 1997, ‘Hugo Award’ for Blood of the Dragon 1997, and ‘Ignotus Award’ for Best Foreign Novel 2001,  also nominated for ‘Nebula Award’ and ‘World Fantasy Award’ in the same year. In 2011 it became the number one bestseller of New York Times. The series is also adapted to HBO television for its series. The novel has been translated into a number of languages and published in multiple editions, there are e-books and audio books are also available to rejoice and to reach its fans all over the world.

Following is the series of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’:

  1. A Game of Thrones – 1996

  2. A clash of kings – 1998

  3. A Storm of Swords – 2000

  4. A Feast for Crows – 2005

  5. A Dance with Dragons – 2011

It is a magnificent fantasy world; and from the page one, a reader will be in an imaginative world where he starts to imagine him a part of the book or even a character of this book. The books are of eight main characters. The characters are Prologue: Will, Tyrion Lannister, Prince Daenerys Targaryen, Bran Stark, Jon Snow, Aryan Stark, Sansa Stark, Lord Eddard Stark, and Lady Catelyn Stark. However, there some more characters who are added later and some of them were removed as per the concept.

The novel reflects the complexity of making a decision between mind and heart against their will but under following the rules. The very first book is actually a composed of three stories highlighting the politics and conspiracies of Stark family who happens to be a resident of mythical Seven Kingdom of Westeros. Throughout the book, you will be riding on a rollercoaster of hate, love, evil and mixed emotions.

If we talk about the second book, this is all about believing in different prophecies leading to five kings. Princess Daenerys is believed to have possession of an extinct dragon and in the result, the kingdom is ripped apart by riots.

Let’s talk about the third book; besides the horror and brutality other shocking things are happening the season of marriages is also happening. However, the princess buys an army to set herself off on a determined conquest of Slavers Bay.

In the fourth book, we could see Princess Daenerys is defeating her enemies in Essos. Whereas, the story is filled with missing main characters and plot lines which create the curiosity for a reader to eagerly wait for the next part.

The fifth book of the series is about those characters who were omitted in the previous version and Jon Snow is shown struggling with his decisions as a new Lord Commander of the Night Watch. Meanwhile, Princess Daenerys has declared herself as the Queen of South.

Readers are waiting for forthcoming and probably the last series of the book i.e. The Winds of Winter’ and ‘A Dream of Spring.’