Game of thrones season 6 Episode 7

Game of thrones season 6 Episode 7 “The Broken Man”

Well well well, look who is back. In terms of drama we believe that the episode did not offer much, but in terms of storyline it sure raised hell. For starters ‘The Hound’ is back. He now seems to be man who seems to be more docile and is probably yet to come to terms with his fate. For him it is difficult to digest the fact that he lost a battle; what ads to his misery is the fact that he was left to die on rocky slopes and the fact that he was defeated by a child. This is what the main crux of the episode of game of thrones revolved around.
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Game of Thrones S6E7 Review

Talking more about the episode where things have changed dramatically is that Jon Snow has finally managed to get the support of the Wildlings and also the giants. At least that’s what it looks like; we have feeling that in the last minute they might just ditch him and save their own skin. As it is they seem to be less convinced of joining him. There have always been so many twists in the plot that we won’t be surprised if the Wildlings abandon Snow at the last moment. Knights of the Vale Jon Snow and Sansa Stark are busy trying to get the Northern Houses to support them on their march on Winterfell. They manage to get the support of the Mormont House. When Sansa and Jon Snow arrive back in their camp, they know that they do not have the requisite number, but if they put their heads together, they might pull of a fast one on the Bolton forces.

Sansa feels that they can still convince some of the Northern houses to side with them in the battle for Winterfell. Later it is seen that Sansa is writing a letter to someone, probably for some support. We have a feeling that she might b asking help from her cousin Robin, who is the ruler of Vale. Meanwhile in the free city of Bravos, we see Arya Stark wandering in the city streets. She convinces a sailor from Westeros to take her to the mainland. Just as she takes leave of the sailor, she comes to a secluded spot where the Waif comes in the form of an old woman and repeatedly stabs Arya in the stomach. Arya manages to jump off the bridge and manages to escape. How fatal are her wounds, only time will tell. She is seen walking and struggling on the city streets. It is clear that she is scared that the Waif might return and finish her off. Arya is probably trying to get back to the temple in order to find the ‘The Man With No Name’. Margery plays it safe Back in King’s Landing we see Margery reading the book of the Faith. She has a long chat with the High Sparrow.

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They both talk about the faith and The High Sparrow also tells Margery to convince her grandmother to accept the Faith of seven and repent on her sins or she might also end up in cellars underneath the Red Keep. Margery decides to visit her grandmother and asks her to leave Kings Landing. Her grandmother tries her best to change Margery’s opinion but to no avail. Margery tells her that as a queen it is her duty to be at the side of her husband who is the king. Before leaving Margery gives something to the old queen which proves that all is not lost. Meanwhile Jamie meets Blackfish and tries to Parley with them, but things do not go accordingly. It seems that another war is about to begin.

There was a lot which the episode offered, although the pace of the episode might be slower than the rest but it definitely took the series forward. Re introduction of ‘The Hound’ was surely a surprise and the way he had changed briefly was commendable. But after the death of his benefactor, it seems that the Hound will become more ferocious now. Another thing, we are not sure but it seems that Knights of the Vale might give Ramsay Bolton a nasty surprise. Nothing was shown about Bran Stark or Daeny. We will probably have to wait for the next episode to see what happens to both of them.

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