Game of Thrones season 7 release date, spoilers and everything you need to know

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One of the most popular shows on HBO is but of course The Game of Thrones. Even after the 6th season the popularity of the show is only increasing and fans just cannot wait to know more about the 7th season of this fantasy drama series. If you too are a diehard fan of this series, then here is sneak peak about the next season.

Any news on the premier date?

Yes, there is a buzz about the release date. The seventh season of the well-liked HBO series is expected to premier in mid 2017. The show is going to be delayed as compared to the other seasons because the production of the series started late. The series is expected to be a mix of the original content and will also feature material from upcoming sixth and seventh novels The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. All seasons have had 10 episodes, but this season will have only 7 episodes.

Any footage available about the 7th season?

Well, we can understand your excitement, but so far no official footage has been released by the channel about the new season. Though there are a few pictures which have leaked from the sets. These pictures show the popular characters of the show Dany and Jon. So we can expect that the current storyline will continue, but for the footage, fans will have to just have a little more patience.

So will the fun series continue for a long time?

The 7th season has already been announced and the contract of the star cast has also been renewed. So yes, Game of thrones will continue to entertain the audiences in 2017. According to the statements released by the channel and the production team of the show one can expect the 8th series as well. After that, the show might wind up. But yes at least next year is not going to be boring as the 7th season is definitely round the corner.

6th season indicates that the show might soon go off the air:

According to the storyline of the 6th season it looks like the end is nearby. There is already lots of clarity on Jon Snow’s parentage. High Sparrow, Margaery Tyrell, Loras Tyrell, Mace Tyrell are no more and Jaime Lannister returned, only to find his beloved and sister take the Iron throne. The sand snakes are plotting. “The winds of winter” was an absolutely fantastic episode. The 6th season has made it clear that the next season is going to eventful and superb and filled with lots of excitement.
The filming of the next season has begun in August 2016 and the teaser was out way back in April 2016. So all those fans out there get ready for an absolutely fun summer! There is going to be a slight delay in the release but the wait will definitely be worth it. Gear up for this favourite HBO series which will surely leave you asking for more fun and more drama. This will surely be a memorable season.