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Game Of Thrones

We can easily and accurately count the popularity of anything on the internet without many efforts. Reading, watching online, rating, comments, views and most important downloads- legal and illegal; all are the basic factors which help to estimate the popularity of any person, issue, movie or TV shows. File Sharing is just an indicator now to download legally and most of the time illegally. There have been millions of files which are being shared, upload and downloaded on the internet. Millions of files are floating in the database of the internet. Music, songs, movies, games, TV shows and many more interesting files are downloaded.

HBO Game Of Thrones Series

We will talk about the most popular TV Show every on HBO. Yes, you guess it right! We are talking about a novel based series running on HBO since 2011. ‘Game of Thrones’ is the most viewed and liked TV series with complete six seasons. All seasons are available on DVDs and online as well to download from. Keep in mind that it is the most download TV series on the internet. And when we say download it is mainly related to illegally download. However, besides ‘Game of Thrones’, there are two more TV shows on HBO with top ranks, other most popular shows are’ Westworld’ being on the third position on the illegal download and ‘The Walking Dead’ – the second most illegally downloaded show

According to a source ‘Torrent Freaks’ there has been around 350,000 downloads per episode!

Game of Thrones is the most pirated TV Show on the internet through BitTorrent.

HBO is now dealing with the piracy problem by regularly sending out the warning to the IP address of torrent users. A tie-up with an anti-piracy partner IP-Echelon is keeping an eye close to those who are sharing these files online. Season 5 has a record for being illegally downloaded more than 2.2 million times after the live airing. Eventually, torrent websites such as Kickass Torrent and Torrentz had removed the links immediately, whereas small websites just ignored the warnings or legal notice. This shows that HBO’s partner is monitoring the situation in real time and results are very good.

Torrent wasn’t the only headache for piracy; the most popular video streaming channel was also targeted. People who were uploading the episodes on YouTube had been warned also.

When the first episode was out of season 6 it was recorded to be the top illegal download with in an hour after on air. Moreover, it is said that the files were being shared were in HD quality more in numbers. Despite all these notice and warning given, piracy is still active trend on the internet.

Why go for piracy when fans can have legally view through HBO website! HBO is allowing fans to watch it free on HBO.

Few tips to watch or to download  ‘Game of Thrones’ without breaking any cyber law. If you are subscribed to HBO and HBO Go you can reach to all the seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’ a free streaming for subscribers to the cable channel with on-demand access.  HBO is providing a quick access to all present and previous episodes of all seasons for monthly or yearly charges. There are other sources are also available from iTunes and Google Play. Enjoy HBO TV shows on your recent devices easily and hassle free.

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