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Game of Thrones is a drama serial based on a fantasy novel ‘A song of ice and fire’ by author George R R Martin. Created by D.B. Weiss and David Benioff. It was first released in April 2011 in the US. Despite its complex story, characters, production, frequent nudity, violence, blood shredded concept and sometimes sexual violence ‘Game of Thrones’ has a record viewership on HBO following by international fans. Bag in several Emmy Awards!  It has an official website and Fan page to follow on facebook. Game of thrones has been directed by a number of directors and the cast has the long list to check out. Every episode and season leave its viewers in curiosity to wait for the next one eagerly.

Fun fact is that Barack Obama requested to see the 6th season first because he is one of the biggest fans of the series!

Here in the story, we would see how seven mythical kingdoms began to fight to be the most powerful of all. Hmm.. sounds like politics! But there is romance, violence, sacrifices, murders, magic, superpowers and much more action. The costume suits the characters and acting are awesome. It makes you realise how the world actually looks like and you are just an audience. Watch Game of Thrones on IMDb where you can easily subscribe and thrill with joy by watching these series online or offline.

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Online

Game of Thrones is a new fire on TV. Fans can enjoy all new episodes on the IMDb online website. So watch your favourite episodes of The Game of Thrones. Go watch it on IMDb and leave your valuable comments and express what you like most about the series of an episode and why also let other fans know what you didn’t like. Or even leave suggestion why to watch or if you need to see a change in any character or maybe suggest a sudden or minor twist in the continuations. Give your best rating to put it on the top of the list. Let those new viewers know about the series and leave them so curious to watch it eagerly if they are watching it for the first time.